Secret Santa 22

Free gift exchange generator app.

Secret Santa 22 is an online gift exchange generator app that lets you draw names fast and free. Download the app for iPhone and Android.

The most complete app for Secret Santa gift exchange

Create as many Secret Santa groups as you want!

Don't forget your lifelong friends, your classmates or your relatives.

Check who already knows!

You will know who has already seen who to gift.

Add the exclusions you want!

It's very easy to prevent someone from gifting a particular person.

And much more...

Frequent questions

Is it free to make a Secret Santa?
The Secret Santa 22 app is completely free and can be used without paying anything unless you want to enjoy the premium features.
Which advantages does a premium group have?
In a premium group you won't see any advertising, you will have exclusions between participants, a premium service for sending emails, the possibility to edit any information and direct support from the developers.
What do I do if an email has not arrived?
You can resend the result to a participant with the resend option. In a premium group you can also edit the participant's email and resend the result to the new email. The delivery of the result is only 100% guaranteed in the premium groups.
I have other doubts, what can I do?
If you have more questions you can send us an email to and we will be happy to solve them.